Boat trips in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda

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Boat trips in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda


Boat Safaris occur on the Indian Ocean, rivers and lakes located in both protected and non protected areas in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. They are popular because of the relaxation they offer combined with sightings of amazing wildlife and panoramic views. Bird watching is rewarding while on a boat cruise near the banks of the rivers or lakes.




Uganda Boat trips
Uganda is home to several rivers and Lakes with Lake Victoria the largest freshwater lake in Africa shared between Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya. In fact, 20% of Uganda’s land mass is occupied by water in form of rivers, lakes, and swamps. Some of the large rivers include, River Nile, River Katonga, River Sezibwa, River Kagera (shared between Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Burundi), River Rwizi and several other smaller rivers. The lakes include Lake Victoria, Lake Kyoga, Lake Edward, Lake George, Lake Mburo, Lake Wamala and several small lakes especially the crater lakes in western and southwestern parts of Uganda.



In Murchison Falls National Park, there is a boat cruise on River Nile where you watch the different animals come to water and other aquatic animals and numerous birds. The boat brings you meters away from the thunderous Murchison falls offering you amazing views of the waterfalls.





The Kazinga Channel found in Queen Elizabeth National Park connects Lakes Edward and Lake George rich in wildlife. Along this channel, you will find a range of mammals, birds, and reptiles providing great photographic moments as they come to the water’s edge to drink, cool off or search for food. The boat trip is 2 hours in a park owned boat or a private boats operated by different lodges.




Lake Mburo is a compact lake that offers a tranquil experience for those who choose a boat safari. The lake is home to Hippos, Crocodiles, monitor Lizards, and a variety of bird-life like the spectacular African fish eagle that usually occupy a particular tree with its partner.






Kenya Boating and Cruise trips

Tamarind Dhow
This top-billing cruise is run by the posh Tamarind restaurant chain. It embarks from the jetty below Tamarind restaurant in Nyali and includes a harbor tour and fantastic meal including a cocktail.

Hippo Point Boat Trips
Hippo Point, sticking into Lake Victoria at Dunga, about 3km south of town, is a beautiful spot at which you’re highly unlikely to see any hippos. It is, though, the launch point for pleasant boat rides around the lake.


On a two-hour trip you’ll be taken to areas that are good for bird sightings and even sightings of those hippos avoiding Hippo Point. For a longer trip, head to Maboko Island. Traces of early man have been discovered here, and there are a number of interesting villages plus good birding.

East African Whale Shark Trust
This is an excellent conservation body monitoring populations of the world’s largest fish – the harmless, plankton-feeding whale shark. In February and March (the busiest time for whale sharks) it occasionally offers whale shark encounters to paying guests.

Three Degrees South


This British Royal Yachting Association–affiliated sailing school is one of the best places to learn on the East African coast. Expect expert tuition for beginners and advanced sailors, serious attention to safety and a vast expanse of (beautiful) empty space. Windsurfing courses on Kilifi Creek also offered.






Rwanda Boat trips
Rwanda is a mountainous country with Lakes, rivers and swamps covering about 10% of the land mass of Rwanda. The biggest and major lake is Lake Kivu shared with DR Congo. More lakes include Lake Ihema in Akagera national park and several smaller lakes scattered in eastern part of the country. There are two main rivers i.e. River Nyabarongo and River Kagera with smaller rivers flowing throughout the country.

The boat safaris in the parks are a continuation of the game drives typically take between 1 to 3 hours depending on the sights along the route.

Lake Ihema in Akagera national park is fully located in the national park. The lake has a boat trip which lasts between 1-2 hours only with schedule of morning and afternoon times. One can also book a convenient time other than the scheduled times. It offers great birding opportunities and sights of Hippos in the water, monitor lizards, and crocodiles. Sometimes-other wildlife as they come to water.


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