Affordable Gorilla Tracking in Uganda and Big Five Wildlife Safaris

Welcome to your gateway to affordable gorilla tracking in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo.

Included in many of our affordable gorilla tracking in Uganda tour packages are the big five safaris, wildlife safaris, nature photography, cultural tours chimpanzee tracking and gorilla habituation.

We design all our safaris with you in mind, your bucket list options, passion, interest, budget and time. Contact us for a bespoke affordable gorilla tracking in Uganda and a wildlife safari specifically tailored to you.


Gorilla trekking . Chimpanzee trekking . Wildlife Game Drives . Boat Cruise
Witness the majesty of Rwanda's Gorillas . Spectacular sights.
Rwanda Gorilla trekking . Rwanda Chimpanzee trekking . Rwanda Culture
Game viewing . Variety of wildlife experiences . Masai Mara.
Cultural Exploration Tour . Spectacular sights . Wildlife Game Drives
Gorilla trekking Adventure Exploration. Nature Walk. Amazing scenary


An authentic African Scenic Wildlife tour that links you to the cultures of the communities surrounding the National Parks
This safari combines Culture and Mountain climbing. It will take you to Eastern Uganda at the foothills of Mount Elgon.
This tour involves adventure and exploration. You get to learn about the cultures, food, music, ways of life of the people of Eastern Uganda.


This tour takes on a number of activities including game drive safaris, boat trips leaving you with memories that will last a lifetime.
See the wildlife in its natural habitat surrounded by stunning landscapes and beautiful places. Game drive safaris and a visit to the Masai Mara.
This luxury safari in Kenya takes you to luxury safari camps and lodges with some of the best game viewing opportunities in the world.


Explore the pastoralist heritage, art and culture of Rwanda.
Memorable Rwanda Gorilla and Chimpanzee tracking safari
Witness the majesty of Rwanda's Gorillas . Spectacular sights.

A Uganda Safari Guide - What to consider when planning your safari

Are you interested in an authentic African safari experience, like affordable gorilla tracking in Uganda, watching wildlife and the big five in their natural habitats, learning about new cultural experiences, or simply a traveller seeking to taste new food you have never eaten before? Africa is by the far the best safari destination and Uganda is the best destination providing all these travel experiences and more.

Activities – What are the Top things to do on safari

Would you like to bring out your adrenaline drive? or looking to sit back and relax while enjoying your lifetime memorable experience. Let’s chat about what bucket list options you would like to tick off and we will design an itinerary specifically tailored to you.


Affordable gorilla tracking

Affordable Gorilla tracking in Uganda 

This is a once in a lifetime activity which you can do either in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable national park, Mgahinga gorilla national park, Rwanda’s Volcanoes national park or Congo’s Virunga national park. Intrsted in this activity? You will need to purchase a gorilla tracking permit before you embark on this trek through the impenetrable jungles of Bwindi forest.






Chimpanzee tracking - Kibale National Park - affordable gorilla tracking in UgandaChimpanzee tracking

Chimpanzee tracking is done in various forests in Uganda with the most famous being Kibale forest National Park, Budongo forest – Murchison Falls National Park, Semliki game reserve, Kalinzu forest, Kyambura gorge – Queen Elizabeth National Park. In Rwanda, chimpanzee tracking takes place in Nyungwe forest National Park




Hiking/ Mountain Climbing tours - affordable gorilla tracking in UgandaHiking/Mountaineering

Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya have many hills and mountains that present you with many opportunities for multi-day hiking like in the Rwenzori mountains, Mt Elgon and Karisimbi. Numerous opportunities for hiking are available, especially the Virunga volcanoes shared between Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Kenya has Mout Kenya, Hells Gate among others.


Clients on a game drive - Masai Mara - affordable gorilla tracking in UgandaGame drives

Watching wildlife like the big five safaris is one of the safari experiences that most tourists book fo. There are many savannah national parks to watch wild animals while on a game drive.  Your tour guide drives through different game tracks in search of the most sought after animals like Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Giraffes, Buffaloes etc.

We also organize wildebeest migration safaris in the Masai Mara and Big Five safaris. A chance to spot Lions, Elephants, Rhinos, Buffalos and Leopards.

Boat trips - Uganda's Murchison Falls National Park - affordable gorilla tracking in UgandaBoat trips

Take a boat trip on one of the lakes or rivers. View animals, take in the sights and sounds, catch the amazing African sunset.






Nature walk - Bigodi - affordable gorilla tracking in UgandaNature walks

Go on a guided nature walk in the forests, national park, and even the communities. Here you get to learn more about the herbs, shrubs, trees, animals and even the people in the communities in that vicinity.






The I'K people - Community Tourism - affordable gorilla tracking in UgandaCommunity/Cultural experiences

In this small African country called Uganda, it is home to over 40 different tribes that have unique languages, foods – or at least a unique way of preparing it, songs and dance, rituals and rites of passage. Taking part in a cultural tour will allow you to interact with the people at close range getting involved in their day to day activities.





Bird watching safaris - affordable gorilla tracking in UgandaBird watching

Are a bird watcher or simply one interested in birds, then you might need to consider this activity on your safari. Uganda alone is home to over 1050 bird species. That is 10% of the entire world’s bird population. On your bird watching safari, you are able to sight over 500 species within a 21 days bird watching safari.

Birding is done in both protected areas and non-protected areas, in agricultural areas, wetlands, forests and savannah.




White water rafting safaris - affordable gorilla tracking in UgandaWater rafting

Did you know that the source of the River Nile is found in Uganda, a town called Jinja also known as the adventure capital of East Africa?

River Nile has very many rapids which offer adventure junkies several rapids to white water raft either half-day or a whole day. Other adventure activities you can also choose from are Kayaking and jet boating.



How to choose your accommodation while on safari.


accommodation options - affordable gorilla tracking in UgandaBudget – Choosing the level of comfort while on safari

Depending on your budget, Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya offer up to 4 major categories of accommodation facilities that a traveller can choose from while on your affordable gorilla tracking in Uganda and big five wildlife safaris.

These are a high-end/luxury (this various in cost of lodges), midrange, low budget and shoestring. We highlight 3 major types as referred to in our pricing.

Choose the level of comfort while on a Uganda or African safari by determining your budget way before the trip. You can mix up your budget with either high end, midrange or low budget.



High-end Luxury - affordable gorilla tracking in UgandaHigh-end Luxury

As a traveller, you can choose to go all-out luxury by staying at the top luxury camps and lodges while flying to most of your destination to redeem time and avoid the bumpy roads known for most safari destinations. Please note that the high-end camps and tents differ depending on location and ownership but in all of them you can be sure of spacious rooms, hot water, 3 – 5-course meals, WiFi etc.





Mid-range accommodation - affordable gorilla tracking in UgandaMidrange

Accommodation facilities that are in the midrange category have hot water in the showers and flush toilets but will not be top-notch. They will mostly travel by road and could choose to use a safari van or a jeep depending on your preference.








Budget accommodation - affordable gorilla tracking in UgandaLow Budget

Here you can choose to use some accommodations that might not have en suite bathrooms, or if they have they are basic and nothing fancy. Their menus could also be limited. Some might have Wi-Fi whereas do not have.





Places to visit in Uganda and Rwanda

These safari destinations have a variety of places to visit with unique activities to engage in, some of the activities are in more than one national park but the experience is unique because the scenery will be different.

If you are thinking of gorilla tracking in Uganda, then Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park are the places to visit. Mgahinga is also home to the golden monkeys with their beautiful golden mane. In Rwanda, gorilla tracking is done in Volcanoes national park which is also home to the golden monkeys. Chimpanzee tracking is the second most sought after activity after gorilla tracking, tracking happens in Kibale national park among other areas. Kibale forest is also home to unique birds for those interested in bird watching. In Rwanda, chimpanzee tracking happens in Nyungwe national park.

For game drives you can visit all or some of these national parks; Queen Elizabeth national park, Murchison falls national park, Lake Mburo national park or Kidepo valley national park for Uganda and in Rwanda, you would need to visit Akagera national park.

Some of the travellers who are excited about scaling mountains,  then Rwenzori mountains are yours to conquer in about 7 days and Mt Elgon in about 3 days depending on your experience and fitness. Margarita is Ruwenzori,s highest peak at 5109 m and the 3rd highest in Africa. Mt Elgon has the highest peak at 4321m at the Wagagai peak.

And if you are looking for unique bird species from West Africa, then Semuliki national park is your park of choice. Otherwise, birding is done in all the national parks with Bwindi impenetrable being great of Albertine Rift endemics.


Other areas to visit in Uganda

When to Visit for your affordable gorilla tracking?

As a travel destination, Uganda has near-perfect weather all year round and therefore you can visit whenever you want. That said, there are months with higher rains than others however please note that Uganda being a tropical country, the sun soon comes out after the rain. Most people prefer to travel here in Jan – March and June – mid-October and December. The rains are more common in April & May and then mid-October – November.